Senior Reservoir Geomodeller

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Job Description:

Major Responsibilities 1) Undrilled NIO-NEA prospects (e.g. South Python AM) to provide assessment of reservoir continuity and heterogeneity for PoD planning.

• Compile comprehensive well data base (logs, markers) and seismic interpretation for import to 3D modelling software (Petrel) • Coordinate rock property modelling and facies classification from core data

• Structural, stratigraphic and facies modelling – grid design

• Characterise micro, meso and macro scale heterogeneity from core, wireline log and seismic data

• Use of variograms, horizontal & vertical facies proportion curves • Rock typing and 3D property modelling (facies, porosity, permeability, Sw, N/G)

• Integration of drilling, fluid, reservoir, transient well test, production data

• Pixel-based co-simulation modelling and conditioning to seismic attributes, inversion products and reservoir analogues

• Definition of p90 – p50 – p10 models

• Upscaling from static to dynamic modelling grids - Minimum Education, Experience and required Skills

• Understanding of static geological model building, including the collection and incorporation of rock and fluid property data, pressure data, up-scaling to dynamic simulation models and model building workflows for use in exploration, field development, surveillance and reservoir management. - Education: University degree in Geosciences

- Work experience:

• Minimum 10 years

• Effective communication skills (verbal/writing/ English).

• High degree of intercultural awareness / competence

• HIV Test is required for work permit in Egypt (if applicable)

Candidate Information:

To apply, please send your CV indicating the title to e-mail address:

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