(NHT, CCR, DHT, DEU & DCU) Operation Area Manager (Expatriate)

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Job Description:

Looking for a highly experienced and self-motivated person to fill the role of (NHT, CCR, DHT, DEU and delayed cocker unit) Operation Area Manager in a new project in Cairo, Egypt. - JOB SUMMARY: (NHT, CCR, DHT, DEU & DCU) Operation Area Manager shall manage the provision of this process area of the refinery in line with priorities and directions established by the operation general Manager. Provide Process monitoring, troubleshooting and process design services for the refinery The operation area manager is reporting to the operation general manager - RESPONSIBILITIES:

• Plan and manage operations in this Process Area to ensure compliance with production requirement and quality management system

• Prepare, in conjunction with the operation general manager annual plans and budget proposals for this process area

• Ensure all major process incidents are investigated and causes identified

• Review causes of process losses and upsets and the effectiveness of the procedures involved

• Identify current most frequent causes of loss or process upset

• Monitor and improve the service provided by the area operations team

• Direct, evaluate, motivate and improve performance of the Area operation staff

• Contribute to the preparation for, and management of, plant shutdowns and other special activities


Knowledge and Experience in the following areas is desirable

• Extensive knowledge in (NHT, CCR, DHT, DEU and delayed cocker unit)

• Utilize Microsoft office software, including email.

• Good leadership and communication skills - YEARS OF EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Minimum 20 years of experience in similar position in oil and gas industry.


must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent.

Candidate Information:

To apply, please send your CV indicating the title to e-mail address:

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