Operation & Maintenance Engineer

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Job Description:

Major Responsibilities

• Maintains the water treatment plant systems in order to ensure the availability of a clean water supply.

• Inspects, and repairs components of the water treatment plant, including water intakes, pipes, water storage vessels, chemical treatment equipment controls, pumps and valves.

• Maintains the general administration of water systems in order to ensure effective operations; collects statistical info and complies data for reports.

• Collects and tests water and sewage samples; records data and maintains the plant logbook; monitors test results to determine processing requirements.

• Orders parts, supplies and equipment replacement as necessary. • Comply with all applicable legal and HSE requirements / procedures.

• Performs any other duties related to his area of expertise as assigned by the O&M Director or his designate. And as agreed, being a Mechanical Engineer is a must for this post..

Candidate Information:

To apply, please send your CV indicating the title to e-mail address:

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