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Job Description:

Job Purpose:

The IT Technician is responsible for providing tier 1 & 2 support services to company personnel. Successful incumbents will provide a high level of customer service, conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner, stay current on trends and innovations in technology as well as company policies and procedures, and possess a positive and enthusiastic attitude. April. 2018 QUICK Petroleum Directory C9 Vacancies - ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:

• Respond to incoming requests in a timely manner, track 100% of all customer contacts, research questions and issues and resolve each interaction with customer satisfaction.

• Escalate incidents to senior personnel when appropriate and in a timely manner.

• Provide solutions to frequently occurring problems for inclusion in the knowledgebase.

• Maintain and troubleshoot the company’s workstations and resolve hardware and software problems

• Install or modify workstation and mobile device hardware and software, including connecting hardware to the network, creating and deploy workstation images and application, installing software, transferring data and testing.

• Perform routine upgrades on company computer workstations, software and associated peripherals.

• Coordinate hardware and software repairs with vendors, as needed.

• Assist in evaluating new technology that will lower cost or improve services.

• Assist users with more difficult and timeconsuming problems on various types of technology hardware, the company-wide network, computer system procedures, computer software, and telecommunications equipment.

Candidate Information:

To apply, please send your CV indicating the title to e-mail address:

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